Entered was Balagold Faith and Balagold Exaiver.


 National Beef Bendigo - 2011

Balagold had two entries in the stud stock, Balagold Faith & Balagold Feargal and one entry in the carcase competition. The carcase steer was 100% Santa Gertrudis, 8mths,  weighed 332kg live weight and grass fed only. 

Carcase results; weight 188.1, Dressing 56.7%, P8 fat 5mm.

Friday was judging day for the stud stock. First in the ring was Balagold Faith, she won first in her class.  

Next was the Bulls, Balagold Feargal paraded around nicley for Wayne, the judge was impressed and awarded the bull first in his class.

14mths old, Weight 595kg, EMA 98, Fats 9/6 


National Beef Bendigo - 2010  

Santa Gertrudis was well represented this year, competion over 4 studs - 20 head of cattle and Santa Gertrudis was represented in the National Beef Carcase Competion 2010 - Led & Unled sections.  


Balagold entered;

Balagold Chloe & Balagold Eldorado. She won Grand Champion Santa Gertrudis Female

Melbourne Show 2010

Attending this year was 13mth Balagold Exavier and senior cow Balagold Chloe. After arriving during the night @ 8.00pm, the Santa Gertridis cattle were on a tight schedule, the next morning was straight into weighting & scanning. Balagold Exavier official weight 570kg and EMA 75.

In the afternoon was showtime, first in was Balagold Exavier winning his class, then traveling nicely through the ranks to recieve Junior Champion Santa Gertrudis Bull. This enable Balagold Exavier to be part of an interbreed section and he received a sash for Bos Indicus Interbreed Junior Champion Bull.

The senior cows were up next, Balagold Chloe winning first in her class section. Next she was up against a cow with calf at foot, the judge to some time to decide then awarded Balagold Chloe with Reserve Senior Champion Santa Gertrudis Cow ribbon.  



The day started early, before sunrise to arrive at the Whittlesea show by 8am.

Balagold Exaiver & Balagold Eve-Marie were cleaned, fed then awaited their turn to be paraded in the ring. The judge liked what he saw and awarded them both first prizes up to Grand Champion Santa Gertrudis Male & Female.

Wayne and I were told that Santa Gertrudis cattle were last presented at the Whittlesea show 10 years ago.  

Good enquiries were made throughout the day, the main question by children was 'why is there so much skin under the chin area'.

 Kyneton Show 2010

What a lovely town to have a show. Kyneton turned on the weather, glorious sunshine, the cattle were relaxed and so was Wayne and I. Balagold Exaiver was awarded Grand Champion Santa Gertrudis.

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