The Breed Hightlights 

          *  High resistance to BLOAT & GRASS TETANY under a variety of conditions.

          *  PINK EYE & EYE CANCER resistance because of their hooded eyes and good dark pigment colour.

          *  Exceptionally good foragers, travel long distances for food and water and exellent feed converters.   

          *  Hardiness for the cold and can perspire in the heat.

          *  Longevity breeding for males 14-15 years & females 13-15years.

          *  Easy calving due to small birthweight and rapid weight gains to weaning.

          *  Strong maternal instincts, one cow will often stand guard over numerous calves while others graze.

          *  High butterfat milk, this has rapid weight gains on calves.

          *  Strong healthy calves means a higher percentage from birth to weaning, more money in your pocket.

          *  Higher yielding carcase percentage, more dollars in you wallet.






    A selection of 2009 Balagold's calves.


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